the obligatory bio

Larry Ledgerwood 

“Why do we do what we do?”
“Why don’t we do more of what we know to be effective?”

Larry has been pursuing the answer to those two questions for several decades while working with organizations to increase their organizational capacity. Which is, in essence, a way to say help people operate at their very best.

Larry has 30 plus years of experience in organizations including line sales and operations management as well as designing, developing, and delivering training programs.   His more recent focus is on delivering skills development programs including: Consultative Selling, Team Selling, Sales Coaching, Relationship Management, Strategic Account Planning, Meeting Management, Creative Problem Solving, Team Building, and Implementing Change in Sales Organizations. All the while continuing to actively sell as part of his own consulting practice.

His training the last few years has focused beyond the technical skills represented above and now includes incorporating work on developing programs that address what gets in the way of people changing (the second part of his driving question) so that his clients’ investment in training is much more likely to result in sustainable changes in behavior and thus results.

His is driven by learning what makes individuals and organizations more effective in accomplishing their goals. His belief is that true developmental coaching is vastly under used path to that end. “There are very few organizations where people fully support each other’s continued growth and development.” He wants to change that, “one organization at a time.

Larry is a presenter at national meetings and has been recognized as an “encore’ presenter. He was selected as a faculty member for the Federal Judicial Center’s Leadership Development Program.

He lives in Walnut Creek with his wife of 30 years and their cats. Their passions are spoiling grandchildren, adventure travel, native plants, photography and sailing. Larry chairs the Training Committee for US Sailing and has taught sailing at OCSC Sailing in Berkeley CA and at the United Sates Naval Academy in Annapolis MD.