Organizational Development

“What percentage of your resources ( including your time and energy) are you spending to ensure you will have a more capable organization next year?” 

Often the pressures of producing short term results leaves us vulnerable long term.  We are working “in the business” not “on the business.”

Organizational Development includes all the things that will increase an organization’s capability to produce sustainable results. That is, will we be able to do more things next year? Different things, not just more of the same.” That takes organizational development.

True organizational development may be one of the most neglected leverage points in organizations.

Many organizations spend the majority of their efforts on the “content and task” side of their operations.  They often pay significantly less attention to the “process and people” side of the business.  The process and people side is our domain.

Our programs focus on increasing organizational capacity, from helping define and create a constructive organizational culture to identifying and increasing the skills of the individuals.